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Luxury living around the world

How to choose the best place to buy luxury property? Well, this depends on the goals - whether you want to live next to celebrities or you want to live in specific culture or you just need specific environment. So for each of those goals you have different ways - track celebrities migrations and property purchases, find your favourite destination and many other things.

We would like to offer you options where you can start your luxury property search. If you haven't decided about your destination point, check places around the world and calculate what you can afford, because luxurious properties can have different prices. Thus Central Europe is quite expensive in regards to the luxury real estate - be it Switzerland, Great Britain or France, 1m francs, euros of pounds won't let you buy a luxury property, however it's quite feasible in Spain, Portugal or Turkey. In general luxury real estate is not about the price only, it's about the home location (beach-front villa, city center penthouse etc.), the size and infrastructure as well as interior. So you decide where and which real estate to buy. And we wish you luck in finding the best property you can call your home.

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